Restaurant Review: Sketch London, England


Mayfair borough

Photo courtesy of Sketch.London

Photo courtesy of Sketch.London

Where do I even begin with Sketch? This is one place I will never forget. I first discovered it on Instagram which worried me. Since it was sooooo gram worthy I wondered if it could live up to the hype. And I would say 98% yes (2% ding because the food looked cool but could've tasted better).

The vibe is basically a lively modern art gallery full of stylish people enjoying a meal or drinks. Our table wasn't quite ready so we hung out at The Glade bar while we waited. And I'm glad we did because we walked into the forgotten act of Shakespeare's Midsummer's Night Dream where all the characters hit up the bar for fancy cocktails. From the plush grass like carpet and woodland wall treatments it's like you're drinking in a hip forrest. I will warn you that it was packed at 10:30pm and fairly dark so I could not get a good photo. The bartenders were very cool and educated us on the variety of gins. Our table took about an hour or more but we were in no rush. And I must clarify that we had to reschedule our reservation due to a flight delay so the staff was doing their best to accommodate. Speaking of reservations, it's a must! I originally wanted to book afternoon tea but that was booked for weeks out. So we went with dinner in the pink Gallery. Note, there are 5 dining and bar areas you can book. 

TRAVEL TIP: Reservations are a must! Book weeks in advance if you want afternoon tea in the pink gallery. Email them if plans change because they will likely do there best to accommodate.

We eventually got to our table in the plush "millennial pink" booth near the copper rose trimmed bar. There is so much intentional design in every nook and cranny of this place. The walls are perfectly lined with, you guessed it, sketches . .  by artist, David Shrigley. The loo has a futuristic spaceship vibe including egg shape toilet pods and colorful "stained-glass" style ceiling. The menu is made up of about 30 items and presented in a minimal pop-up book style. I opted for the spinach gnocchi which was saturated in Dr. Seuss green sauce further encouraging the notion that I was actually in a fantasy and my husband chose the Fish 'n' Chips which pulled us back to the reality that we were, in fact, still in London. 


Our favorite part of the night was meeting the couple next to us who were too close not to talk to and eventually our party of two expanded to six.We ended up sharing desserts and more drinks until about 3am. One of the desserts, the Mojito, was basically a tasty science experiment that came alive before our eyes, the other was too pretty to eat, and the third was a chocolate something that we devoured in seconds. Check out the video to see it in action.

So yes the food, drinks, and desserts were entertaining and mostly tasty but I think the company makes any experience better. Bonding with strangers over food and deep talks about life, love, work, politics, and art until the wee hours of the morning reminds me why we travel – to meet people and experience a culture. It ended up being an unforgettable night however I did forget I hadn't slept in 72 hours but I will save that for another story. 

TRAVEL TIP: Dress to impress here. Leave the tourist clothes in the hotel room (shorts are not allowed).